WELCOME to BreastMilkForMen.com, the site that is catered to the lactation lover in you.  The MILFs you will see on this site are real.  They are raising kids and looking for some extra income to help them be a stay-at-home mom.  These mothers shoot their own content, using iphones, and other hand held devices, to get the content in.  There's no gimmicks, no props, just good old fashion self shot content.

Name: Milfy Debbi Episode: 1706 Title: Milfy Debbi Filling Her Bottle With Her Jugs

Milfy Debbi, hooks her huge jugs up to the pump, gets good suction and begins to pump, you can hear the motor running as milk spills into the bottle.  She focuses on one side of her breast, fills the bottle up, removes the cap and slowly pours the milk all over her breast, leaving them drenched.  She then hooks up to the other breast and begins pumping again, he milk is flowing from her jugs, like a water hose, in a matter of time the bottle is filled again and she teases while pouring the milk.

Name: Milfy Debbi Episode: 1705 Title: Milfy Debbi Controlling Her Milk Streams

Milfy Debbi, pulls has her big old titties exposed and she gets right down to it.  She plays with her nipples to get stimulation and then begins to squirt the bed down, one tit after the other.  She is trying to learn to control where she sprays and how long the stream is, her goal here was not to shoot to far because she wanted the milk to roll down her body.  She shoots several short streams and once in a while accidentally shoots a long stream then turns it off like a faucet.

Name: Milfy Debbi Episode: 1704 Title: Milfy Debbi Pumping Her Veiny Jugs

Milfy Debbi, whips those large jugs of her out, with the intent to empty them.  She grabs her pump, works to get a good latch and begins to pump her breast.  At first the milk was flowing slowly but as she massages, and adjusts the milk starts to flow faster.  She is a young mom but she has the act of pumping down, as she switches from one breast to the other to make sure she gives each jug its needed attention.  She then pours the milk all over her breast!  I want a taste.

Name: Milfy Debbi Episode: 1703 Title: Milfy Debbi Up-Close Hand Expressing Her Veiny Tits

Milfy Debbi, sitting on the bed, tits exposed and full of milk, massages her veiny DD cup breast, working the milk to her large suck-able nipples.  She begins to shoot milk as the camera zooms in closer for a better look, getting up close and personal, showing her plump fill veiny milk mounds, as the milk oozes and streams from her jugs.  She continues on, moving from one breast to the other breast, shooting milk, wetting everything in sight.  Can I suckle, pleaseeee!!!

Name: Milfy Debbi Episode: 1702 Title: Milfy Debbi’s Rapid Milk Squirting

Milfy Debbi, pulls out them big ass tits and my mouth began to water, but before I could wipe the drool off my face, she was shooting milk at it.  She didn’t even bother to work up the letdown, she squeezes those tips right at the nipple and she was shooting milk in a rapid succession, attack of the milk squirting mom.  She started with the left breast shooting milk constantly then moving to the right tit, as I zoom in and zoom out giving you a nice tight view of the milk coming from her nipples.

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